Continuing a Proud Tradition

Among Europe’s longest-standing, leading producers of commercial steel wheels, Gianetti Ruote S.r.l. originated in 1880 as a manufacturer of wheels for wagons and agricultural equipment.  Gianetti added wheels for automobiles and commercial trucks in the 1920s.

Global Mindset

In the 1930s, the company launched a globalization strategy, producing steel truck rims under license from Firestone Steel Products, and cast-steel spoke wheels from Dayton Steel Foundry, both of the United States.

Wheel Technology Expertise

Today, the company supplies steel wheels to Europe’s leading commercial vehicle OEMs.  Valued by its customers for its engineering acumen, Gianetti operates in Europe from a manufacturing and technical center located near Milan, Italy.  The business today supplies steel wheels for trucks, buses and trailers, as  well as steel and alloy rims for motorcycles.

Over a Century of Advancement

1880Founded as “Soc. Anonima Giulio Gianetti” in Saronno by Giulio Gianetti, producing iron rims for wooden wheels and axles for carriages.
1913Opens Ceriano Laghetto facility near Milan. Installs machinery for new products, including tractors, motorcycles agricultural equip. and machinery.
1920sInitiates production of steel wheels for automobile and commercial truck applications; continues to produce agricultural equipment wheels.
1930sLaunches globalization strategy to improve its competitive position in Europe. Obtains license to produce steel wheels for heavy trucks from Firestone Steel Products and the Dayton Steel Foundry of the United States.
1940sPrior to World War II, Gianetti becomes the first producer of cast-iron spoke wheels in Italy thanks to its Dayton license. After 1945, it becomes the first truck wheel manufacturer in Italy.
1950With the passing of Giuseppe Gianetti, ownership of the company transferred to his widow, Nina Biffi. The name of the company subsequently became Giulio Gianetti Saronno SpA.
1959Fergat group, a wheel manufacturer in Turin, Italy, acquires Giulio Gianetti Saronno S.p.A. from Nina Biffi.
1987CLN Group acquires Fergat and forms the Magnetto Wheels division. Later, CLN renames the Magnetto Wheels division as MW Italia S.r.l., with Gianetti Ruote as a division of MW Wheels.
2015Accuride acquires a majority stake in Gianetti Ruote S.r.l. from CLN Group. Accuride begins to invest approximately €20 million to achieve world-class operating performance and restore profitability at Gianetti Ruote.